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Frequently Asked Questions

About GEA and the TOLES

What kind of service does Global Education Academy offer?

Global Education Academy works together with the client and provides language level specific courses, custom-tailored soft skills training programs or a combination of the two to produce a unique set of programs that fits the client’s needs.

All GEA training programs are practical workshops, not classroom lectures and are based on the “ Learning by Seeing and Doing “ method.

This methodology has been proven to produce the best results as far as learning outcomes.



What types of courses does GEA offer?

GEA offers a wide variety of short customised courses, seminars and workshops in English, with Vietnamese training assistants, that focus on business soft skills training to develop interpersonal communication such as negotiation, personal performance, team-building, leadership and customer service. Our training ranges from improving business email writing to making effective presentations so that participants acquire the business skills they need to function and communicate more effectively in English.

What make GEA courses different than other training programs?

At GEA we do not offer traditional classes where a teacher teaches lessons. Our expert trainers are soft-skills business coaches who facilitate workshops on visual presentations, communication skills in speaking and writing, and custom-designed industry-specific role-plays so that the learner learns by doing.

Studies have shown that learners remember

• 10 percent of what they HEAR (traditional lesson)

• 20 percent of what they READ (traditional lesson)

• 30 percent of what they SEE (traditional lesson)

• 50 percent of what they SEE and HEAR (GEA Workshop)

• 70 percent of what they SAY and WRITE (GEA Workshop)

• 80 percent of what they SEE and DO ( GEA Workshop)

This is the wisdom that we at GEA as learning professionals apply in our learning designs.



When and where are the courses offered?

Our workshops can be delivered at any one of our three GEA offices in Hanoi and HCMC and are also available as in-company training, either as full day or on a part-time basis, conveniently scheduled for each particular client. We offer small group classes and/or individually designed one-to-one lessons

That is why we offer

  • Tailored on-site training to address your specific training goals
  • Training to fit any budget or schedule, that goes further than anything you have imagined
  • Trainers who are expert business coaches in their fields with real business experience, not just English teachers
  • Practical customised group role-plays  geared for positive behaviour change
  • Short intensive workshops focusing on specific areas and designed to produce immediate results

What proof do you have that shows that your courses are effective?

Watch the amazing results from one of our most recent training workshops. This is a 3-minute “Before and After” video taken after a 3-day GEA workshop at BIDV Bank in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is what our clients had to say about GEA courses:

Van Anh Nguyen, HR Manager of BIDV Bank, had this to say about the training offered for the senior staff: 

“It was a very enriching program with an elite faculty, excellent classroom exercises, and diverse peers. The materials were easy to manage, information was easy to digest, and I was able to apply the information immediately at work.”

How much does GEA courses cost?

All potential clients are given a written quotation after a FREE initial consultation and placement test that is based on the number of students, their English proficiency level and learning objectives.

Does GEA guarantee the quality of their courses?

The founder and lead trainer of GEA holds an ISO Quality Assurance from Canada. He is responsible for delivering quality training programs and assures the quality of all courses that are fully tailored to suit your requirements and offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after the first lesson.
Our lead trainer, Thomas G. Giglione from Toronto, Canada, is responsible for designing lessons specially adapted to your learning needs and objectives. These lessons focus on professional and commercial communication skills, negotiating styles and techniques, presentations skills, social English and writing skills.

How do participants learn and remember what they have been taught?

Behaviours do not change by merely attending and listening to a classroom lesson.

We at GEA also guarantee results that change behaviours so that the learners model new skills and gain a new belief system they can immediately apply in their jobs and retain for life.

Employees are better able to achieve learning outcomes that they can put to use in practical ways in their jobs as illustrated in the diagram below.



What other English courses does GEA offer?

GEA also offers English for specific purposes such as Legal English (TOLES, Test of Legal English Skills), Aviation English (International Civil Aviation Organization), Medical English, English for the Hospitality industry and academic exam preparation for the IELTS, SAT, FCE, PTE and TOEFL tests.

Interpersonal communication in English

Business English Communication Skills (3 days or 18 hours part-time)

Effective Presentation Skills (3 days or 18 hours part-time)

Handling Difficult Colleagues and Customers (2 days or 6 hours)

Effective Mediation and Negotiation Skills Certificate Program (3 days or 18 hours part-time)

Organizing Effective Meetings (1 day or 6 hours part-time)

Business Writing: Writing Reports and Business Proposals (2 days or 12 hours)

Better Business Emails (2 days or 12 hours part-time)

Sales Negotiations (2 days or 12 hours part-time)

Personal performance

Time Management (1 day or 6 hours part-time)


Team Building and Leadership Skills (2 days or 12 hours part-time)

Train-the-Trainer workshops (One day or 6 hours part-time)

Company Team Building and Leadership Outdoor Camps (2 full days in Ba Vi)

Customer service

Conflict Resolution – Handling Difficult Colleagues and Customers

Customer-centred Telephone Skills

The following are examples of the most popular courses in this category. If you are looking for lessons in a different field, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

TOLE Legal English

Medical English

An ideal course for non-native medical professionals who wish to improve their communication skills in medicine especially in communication with patients and colleagues.

The course practises all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) through a variety of practical scenarios and activities.

The main aims and objectives of this course are:

To provide a framework that will enable course participants to apply their medical skills in real-life settings and enhance their job performance

To increase the quality of caregivers by improving the language functions necessary to promote trust and confidence in doctors and nurses, especially when patients feel vulnerable

To enhance the English language so that the legal duties and responsibilities of caregivers are clearly understood

The lessons are topic-based and focus mainly on the following:

Patient interviews

Discussing symptoms

Dealing with sensitive issues

Medical history and note-taking

Medication and records

Giving and receiving feedback

Interpreting medical statistics in relation to controversial case studies

Operating instructions and reading manuals and charts

At the end of the course, you will receive the Bloomsbury International Certificate of Attendance.

Banking and Financial English

The objective of this course is to enhance your communication skills in financial topics, using authentic, clear, simple, accurate and idiomatic English.

The course involves a combination of written and practical exercises, using study texts, brief videos and short role-plays to introduce and practise various language transactions in settings related to company finance, banking operations, investment and economics, such as:

Risk Assessment


Budgetary processes

Mergers and Acquisitions



International Banking

Pricing and Purchasing

Aviation English

This course is ideal for professionals in the aviation industry, such as pilots and air traffic controllers, who aim to improve their communication at work. It is also useful to those who wish to enhance their English language skills in order to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) language proficiency requirements.

The topics include:


Time schedules

Cargo, materials and fire

Cabin crew





Exam Preparation Courses

Our English exam preparation courses are designed to help you obtain the best possible results in your chosen English exam. Our highly qualified English teachers can help you prepare for a range of English exams: (IELTS, First Certificate in English, TOEFL etc). They can expertly guide you through the various English test areas: speaking, writing, listening, grammar and English vocabulary.

IELTS Preparation Course

A 3-5 week preparation course for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, essential for entry to most British universities, government agencies and other international organisations.